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Akupunktur & Massage:



Jasmin Sun


Chinese Doctor From Chinese Medicin University Shanghai




Jasmin's Health Clinic & Shop:


Medicin, Natural Medicin

Vitamin, Mineral, Herb tea

Jasmin's Health Products

Chinese Special Medicin

Homeopathic herb medicin

Organic Products etc.

Organic Cosmetic


Ear Acpunkture

Children Acupunkture

Vitamin Supply test

Slim Treatment

Galvanic Spa etc.

PRE-JET - Medicine and Health Products Import & Export Company


Our Company PRE-JET started in 1974 by our Company owner Mr. Preben Jensen. We have 2 section: Transport section and Health section.


The Transport section take care of Transport, warehouse, distribution, spedition, logistiv, import/export of truck chemicals in Scandinavia and Europe etc.


I am Dr. Jasmin Sun, since 1985, director for import/export of medicine, health product from many parts of the world in same Company.


In Denmark more than 400 shops are selling our products.


We are always interested to devolop our business and open for new ideas.


You can buy all the Health products from Jasmin's clinic and shop. Also available from all the "Helsekost" shops in www.helsam.dk